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With many steps to owning valuable investment property, mistakes can be costly, not just for the initial investment but also for creating positive cash flow from day one. We help guide you through the process and partner with you for true turnkey investing and management.


We are professionals who help you build a real estate portfolio through our experience with critical property evaluation, cost-effective renovation and qualified tenant placement.



Our property management capabilities include a robust software interface that provides owners at-a-glance oversight of properties and cash flow. Our customer service keeps tenants satisfied and your units occupied.


Not ready to own property but want to invest in the short term? We provide private lending opportunities with double digit returns.

Turnkey Investing For Your Future

If you are interested in creating passive income month after month, year after year from quality investment properties without the hassle of property management and don’t know where to start, we can help.


Why Invest?

Real estate makes for valuable collateral, is a strong asset on balance sheets, and can be financed easier than most other resources.

Here's why.


Why Jacksonville?

Of all the choices you have when deciding where to invest, for our money the answer is Jacksonville, Florida.

Here's why.


Why us?

Our customer service and our processes for acquisitions, renovation and management are second to none.

Here’s why.

Property Management Done Right

Our primary goal is to keep your property consistently occupied and maintained so that you get the best return on your investment possible. 


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We invite you to start growing your wealth by investing with us or by building your portfolio of real estate properties through us to generate substantial cash flow and passive income for years to come.