Are you REALTORS®?

Yes. Apecs Home Solutions, LLC is a full service real estate investment and solution company. We are licensed to buy and sell property and are acquisition specialists that buy houses directly from sellers without a commission.

How do I select the right investment property?

We listen to you tell your story, then we find the properties with the appropriate parameters you describe that will turn a profit or generate positive cash flow for you.

What is your criteria for purchasing select homes?

We review location, price and rentability as determining factors when selecting homes. In combination, those three criteria provide valuable intelligence on setting a target monthly rental fee that attracts viable tenants and starts giving you a return on your investment.

What is your definition of a quality neighborhood?

One that is aesthetically appealing, is low on crime statistics, and fosters a sense of community among residents. We find that neighborhoods that meet our definition attract good tenants and allows us to set rental fees that ensure maximum ROI for investors.

What are the typical repairs you make to the home?

Depending on the condition, we generally we buy concrete block construction homes and replace major systems including but not limited to: roof, plumbing, windows, electrical and HVAC. Aesthetic upgrades may include: floors, kitchen and bath fixtures, lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances and interior and exterior paint.

Can I buy a property before it is renovated?

We do presell many of our homes through a commitment prior to or during any phase of the renovation process. Typically the investor does not close on the purchase of the property until the renovation is complete and the tenant is placed.

Before investing, should I hire a property inspector?

While not required, in order to maintain confidence and transparency throughout the process, we encourage you to hire a property inspector. We understand your concern regarding an investment in residual real estate and we stand behind our product and our services.

How long does it take to own my first investment property?

If you purchase one of our turnkey properties, the process usually takes between 45-60 days to purchase with a fixed loan. The process is quicker for cash buyers.

What is the recommended time frame to buy and hold a property?

We recommend that properties are retained for a minimum of five years and for as long as 10 years.

Do I use my local bank or your preferred lenders for financing?

We are open to working with your lender if you choose. We do have a network of lenders that are well versed in working with investors for the purchase of passive income-producing properties.

Can I finance rental property with my retirement account?

Yes. We would work to get you connected with the a custodian familiar with the options available to you.

Will my property be leased at the time of closing?

It is unusual that any Apecs Home Solutions turnkey property is not tenant-occupied at closing. We make every effort to ensure your invest generates cash flow from day one.

What is your tenant screening process?

We conduct full background checks, credit checks, previous landlord verifications, income verifications, employment status and personal references for every tenant applicant.

How do you keep me posted on tenant issues, property repairs and other concerns?

We utilize PropertyWare, an online service which includes an Owner’s portal to facilitate all communication with the owner. You receive notification anytime there is an activity on your property such as rent payment, work orders generated etc. We also post all related documents including inspection reports, photos, lease agreements and invoices for your review via secure login.

How do tenants communicate with you regarding maintenance and repairs?

Tenants also have a secure login to the PropertyWare portal which enables them to communicate maintenance needs quickly and efficiently. In addition, tenants can call our office. Our property managers are on call 24 hours a day.

What is your process for working through tenant payment issues and/or eviction if necessary?

On the 5th of each month we post notices and reach out by phone to tenants for non payment of rent. When necessary our Property Managers visit the property to address issues of late payment or to start the process of relocating or evicting a tenant.

Does your Property Management team check on properties regularly?

Our policy is to conduct monthly drive-bys and on site annual inspections.

Am I required to use your service as Property Managers?

No, but as a turnkey provider, part of our value added services include tenant placement and management of the property. By allowing us the opportunity to serve in this capacity, we provide quick response for tenant satisfaction and peace of mind for owners.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. Deposits are equal to the first month’s rent. These deposits are refundable depending on the condition of the home once it is vacant.

What about Property Insurance?

Property Insurance and Liability is recommended. We work closely with an insurance broker who is familiar with this market.

How do I get started?

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