Turnkey Investing

4 Benefits of Turnkey Rentals

Real estate makes for valuable collateral, is a strong asset on balance sheets, and can be financed easier than most other resources. Here’s why:


Generating income is priority #1. From finding properties at the right value through building solid tenant relationships, Apecs Home Solutions helps you generate income month after month, year after year beginning with your first turnkey investment so you can have a cash-flowing property from day one and for many years to come.


Demand for single family housing continues to trend up, especially in Florida. The result of this is, with few exceptions, real estate values in Jacksonville, Florida continue to increase. Whether you need help financing or simply want to invest for short term ROI, turnkey rentals provide real opportunity.


With Apecs Home Solutions, investing in turnkey rental properties requires a very small commitment of time. Apecs provides monthly management including tenant communication, maintenance/repair activity and detailed record keeping of your income, all with minimal involvement from you.


Allowed deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, maintenance/repair costs, insurance and more, benefit investors greatly come tax season. Consult with your accountant for full details on the tax benefits of residential property portfolios.